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PSI State Chapters

PSI state chapters provide structure to the states for collaboration, education, and support.

For over 30 years, PSI Coordinators have provided a connection for women and their families with state and local resources. In January 2014 the Postpartum Support International (PSI) board of directors voted unanimously to start the process of developing PSI state chapters.

State chapters serve as a vehicle to support, enhance, and honor the incredible work of state PSI coordinators and serves as a bridge between those providers who are called to help women and families navigate the many faces of perinatal mood disorders and the women and families themselves.

The philosophy of PSI State Chapters is built on supporting and encouraging all within the state structure to come together for the greater cause of helping women and their families. There are many right ways to support women and families. With open dialog and sharing about services and practices PSI state chapters’ fosters innovative practices and ideas that can then be shared between state chapters.

By providing a local, grassroots way for moms to volunteer and give back to their local communities, the state chapter provides a framework to reduce stigma, increase awareness and provide connection to resources that help with education, support, and advocacy. It is a way for advocates, providers, and families to come together, share ideas, improve services and support each other.

Listed below are the states that have a state chapter in place. The process is easy and just takes a few dedicated people to get started. PSI provides the framework and step by step instructions for getting started and we are always here to talk with anyone who wants to know more about getting the PSI state chapter in their state started.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with others in your state, please email chapters@postpartum.net. As state chapters begin to develop their web pages, email addresses and phone numbers dedicated to the chapter we will update the lists below so you can contact your state chapter directly. Until that time please send us your thoughts, comments and questions and we will connect you to the PSI chapter in your state.

  • PSI Alaska
  • PSI Arizona
  • PSI Connecticut
  • PSI Florida
  • PSI Georgia
  • PSI Louisiana
  • PSI Minnesota
  • PSI Nevada
  • PSI New Hampshire
  • PSI New Jersey
  • PSI North Carolina
  • PSI Pennsylvania
  • PSI Utah