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PSI Board Positions Open

Fundraising and Marketing Chair

A person with a passionate interest in the field of family advocacy, women’s health, psychology or education who is looking to put their skills to good use in a volunteer capacity is an ideal candidate. The PSI Board is comprised of professionals as well as non-professionals — please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Candidate must be willing to volunteer approximately five to ten hours per month serving on the board. Candidate’s locale is not relevant but must be able to attend annual PSI June conference, monthly board meetings via telephone, and annual board retreat in January.

If you’d like to join a PSI Committee, but but not be the Chairperson on the board, we would LOVE to hear from you — please let us know! Join our active board and work alongside dedicated PSI members. To obtain more information or submit a resume and application, please contact PSI Secretary Lita Simanis.

Fundraising Chair

The Fundraising Chair is a volunteer position responsible for initiating and coordinating PSI Fundraising projects, events, and product development.  The candidate for Fundraising Chair should have success in past fundraising efforts, and be motivated to develop projects, events, and relationships to raise funds for PSI. The Fundraising Chair works in collaboration with other board members and committees, staff, and PSI members on projects and events throughout the year.