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Training FAQs

Q: What are the differences between the PSI/2020 Mom Online Webinar and the PSI 2-day training?

A: Overall, The PSI/2020 Mom online webinar and the PSI two-day training cover much of the same core material. The obvious difference is the in-person vs. webinar format. The in-person trainings provides networking opportunities with like-minded professionals, while the webinar allows you to gain access to the training from the comfort of your own home without the travel expenses. The webinar also places you in small groups according to time zone, for group discussions between classes.

The PSI 2-day in person training includes a two-hour presentation from a psychiatric expert discussing medications in pregnancy and lactation, and a panel of PMAD survivors who share their compelling journeys with the audience.

In the online training, one is exposed to the presentations of six different experts in the field. The webinar goes a little more in depth on the topics of therapeutic and legal issues, and offers an entire class on cultural considerations. The webinar also touches on nutrition and exercise as well as how to bring your services to the community.

*We are happy to note that we have had very positive evaluations from both formats. Read comments about the maternal mental health webinar and the in-person PSI trainings.