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Conference Agenda

PSI 28TH Annual Conference with Tree of Hope Foundation
Inn at St. Johns, Plymouth Michigan
Main Conference:   FRIDAY June 26 and SATURDAY June 27, 2015


PSI Pre-Conference PMAD Certificate Training – Information/Agenda


FRIDAY 8:15- 9:15 ~ KEYNOTE 1:  Maria Muzik MD, MS

FRIDAY 9:30-10:30 ~ Breakout I

  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Helping Women Survive and Heal: Sarah F. Coffman, MSW, LCSW & Elizabeth Lowder, MSW, LCSW
  • Trafficked Women and Girls have Babies Too: Don’t Look Away: Jillian Lutz, MA, MFT, TLLP & Ann Smith, PsyD, LP
  • Continuum of Care for PMD: Prevention to Family Therapy: Lesley Hetterscheidt PhD & Kurtis Visker LMSW
  • Attachment and Trauma in Maternal Mental Health: Diana Lynn Barnes, PsyD
  • Hello Baby: Visitation Analysis in a Level III NICU: Sage Saxton, Psy.D.; Jamie Eastman, Ph.D., MPH; BreAnna Kennedy MSW

FRIDAY 10:45 – 11:45 ~ Breakout II

  • Patient Whisperer: toolkit for successfully managing challenging clinical interactions: Deb Rich PhD. LP, CPLC
  • Systematic Depression Screening in Michigan Medicaid Statewide Home Visiting Program: Joni Detwiler, BS, MSW and Mary Ludtke
  • Volunteers: One Hospital’s Proven Formula for Supporting Mothers and Strengthening the Family Foundation: Deanna Robb, MA, LLP, LPC; Beth Frydlewicz, MPA; Kelly Ryan, LMSW
  • Skin-to-Skin Contact with Cesarean Sections Mothers: Qualitative Research Findings: Cheryl R. Zauderer, PhD, CNM, NPP, IBCLC
  • Maternal and Provider Barriers in a Pediatric Primary Care Setting: Matthew Broom, MD, FAAP; Gene LaBarge, MD; Amy Ladley, PhD

Friday 1:15-2:15 ~ KEYNOTE 2 : Cindy-Lee Dennis, PhD

Friday 2:30-3:45 ~ Breakout III

  • Fathering Initiatives in Wayne County: What Fathers Really Want: Maria Muzik, MD, MS; Carolyn Dayton, PhD; Rodgers A. Washington, MPA; John Fort; John Miles; David Cardinal
  • Courageous Heart: Fostering Resilience in the Face of Traumatic Birth Experiences: Leslie Butterfield, Ph.D.
  • Media Outreach and Strategy – Tips From the Press: Sharon Gerdes, PSI Media Chair; Sarah Alvarez from Michigan Public Radio; Lisa Cross, MA, LMFT
  • Impact of Psychiatric Care for Women Suffering from Perinatal Mood Disorders: Michael R. Liepman MD; Maternal Depression is Not Just a Problem Early On: Catherine L. Kothari PhD; Barriers to Mental Health Treatment Affecting Perinatal Women: Suzanne Suchyta Haas MPA
  • Perinatal sleep problems – Causes, Complications and Management: Madhavi Latha Nagalla MBBS; Kerrie Van Weelden, LMSW; Barb Palkowski RN, BSW, MSN, PMHNP-BC

FRIDAY 3:45 – 4:10 ~ Mindfulness Moment with Robin Muskal, PhD 


  • Ending the Cycle of Intergenerational Depression: Shoshana Bennett PhD and Pec Indman, MFT, EdD
  • Text Messaging and PMADs: A Prescription: Amy Ladley, PhD; Matthew Broom, MD, FAAP; Gene LaBarge, MD
  • National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health: Information & Brainstorming Session: Lynne McIntyre MSW; Wendy Davis, PhD; Liz Friedman, MFA; Joy Burkhard, MBA
  • Postpartum screening and beyond: Shifting practices in obstetric settings:  Neha Hudepohl, MD; Melinda Cline, MSW, CLC; Kimberly Garner, MSW, CLC
  • Postpartum OCD and Attachment: The Role of Doulas in Supporting Families — Jane Hesser, MFA, LICSW and Rosemary Mason, CCE,PCD(DONA),CLC






SATURDAY 9:30-10:30 ~ Breakout V

  • Therapeutic Interventions in the Partial Hospitalization for Women with a Perinatal Mood Disorder: Kerrie Van Weelden, LMSW; Nancy Roberts, RN, CCE, CBC; Cristina Stauffer, LMSW
  • Eating Disorders and Body Image Disturbance Among Childbearing Women: Tara Tulley LDEM, LCSW
  • Impact of pregnancy loss on psychological functioning and grief outcome: Deb Rich PhD. LP, CPLC
  • Postpartum Psychosis: From Crisis to Contribution: Jennifer Moyer, BS
  • Perinatal Addiction: Devinalini Misir MD

SATURDAY 10:45-11:45 ~ Breakout VI

  • Mindfulness & Sensory Interventions in Psycho-educational Group Sessions: Melissa Vander Laan, CTRS
  • Working with Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors in Reproductive Healthcare: Phyllis Florian, PsyD
  • Adjusting to Parenthood: “OMG, what did we get ourselves into?!” Heidi Koss, MA, LMHC
  • The Perinatal Genogram: An Assessment and Treatment Tool: Diana Lynn Barnes PsyD
  • Coping with Change, Psycho-educational program Manitoba: Erin Bockstael

SATURDAY 1:15-2:15 ~ KEYNOTE 4: George Parnham, JD

SATURDAY 2:30-4:00 ~ Breakout VII

  • Integrated Mental Health in Primary Care: Total Family Support in an Ob/Gyn: Maria Muzik, MD; Lisa Hammer, MD; Lulu Zhao, MD; Lisa Anderson, LMSW; Laurel Hicks, LLMSW; Kate Baker, MD; Kate Rosenblum, CPsych; Katie Pasque, MD
  • Mindfulness as an Intervention Tool for PMAD: Suma Karandikar MA, LCPC; Devi Natarajan MA, LPC; Marina Pesserl, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS; Suzannah Neufeld, MFT
  • Sustainable Community Networks: Warmlines and Support Groups: Birdie Meyer, RN, MA, CLC; Crystal Clancy; Lisa Cross; Wendy Davis; Liz Friedman; Tonya Fulwider; Adrienne Griffen
  • From Surviving to Thriving: Enhancing Resilience in Therapy: Agnieszka Grabowski, LCSW; Christina Johnson, LCSW; Pec Indman EdD, MFT
  • A Perfect Storm: Perfectionists, PMADs, & Online Mamas:  Katie Kmiecik, LCPC; Melissa McKissack, LCSW; Considerations for the internet and postpartum depression: Michael DeAngelo, MS, MA & Randy Fingerhut, PhD; Web Conference Based Postpartum Support Groups: Michelle V. Harvey, M.A., LMFT

SATURDAY 4:15-4:45 ~ Conference Closing Session

Eventbrite - PSI 28th Annual Conference     with Tree of Hope Foundation

Learning objectives and expected results

Conference attendees will have an improved understanding and ability to implement:

  • Best practices for prevention and intervention methods to address perinatal mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress, bipolar mood disorders, and psychosis.
  • Collaborative care models in practice, including pediatric, psychiatric, and social support elements.
  • Models and skills to determine who are at risk of developing a perinatal mental health disorder.
  • Programs and interventions to screen and assess pregnant and postpartum mothers and families for perinatal mental health conditions.
  • Outreach and community models to reach and support pregnant, postpartum, and post pregnancy-loss families,
  • Effective methods for creating culturally sensitive interventions for perinatal families.
  • Best practices and research to identify common psychotropic medications used in pregnancy and lactation, and resources for evidence-based data regarding risks and safety.
  • The role of the family practice, obstetrical, and pediatric providers in screening and treatment of pregnant and postpartum women.
  • Research and approaches to prevent the impact of childhood trauma on the mother-infant relationship.
  • Research and tools to provide support and information through electronic media and support.
  • Models and benefits of social support services for perinatal families, including telephone, group, social media, and in-home services.