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Bindu Garapaty, PsyD

Bindu Garapaty, PsyD

Bindu Garapaty, PsyD

Development Chair



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As a Maternal/Child health consultant, Dr. Garapaty has worked with University of Illinois at Chicago and NorthShore University HealthSystems to advance public awareness and understanding of perinatal mood disorders. Collaboratively working on a statewide innovative model in perinatal mental health, supported by Federal and State funding agencies, great strides were made in improving healthcare delivery in women’s mental health. Bindu Garapaty, holds a doctorate degree in clinical psychology and is the co-founder of The Happy Leader, LLC. Her research has focused on self awareness, life satisfaction, and cultural identity in the context of leadership development. Dr. Garapaty’s presentations have included both national and international forums in areas of cultural competency, leadership, education, and women’s health.

Dr. Garapaty has held various clinical and leadership roles within health care, hospital, university, private practice, for profit and nonprofit organizations. Additionally, she has a longstanding commitment to volunteering and serving on non profit boards. Currently she resides on the board of MySahana, South Asian Public Health Association, and Post Partum Support International.

Working out, spending time with friends and family, traveling and creating new experiences are a few things that contribute to Dr. Garapaty’s happiness quotient.

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