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Conference Learning Objectives

Learning objectives and expected results

Conference attendees will have an improved understanding and ability to implement:

  • Best practices for prevention and intervention methods to address perinatal mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress, bipolar mood disorders, and psychosis.
  • Collaborative care models in practice, including pediatric, psychiatric, and social support elements.
  • Models and skills to determine who are at risk of developing a perinatal mental health disorder.
  • Programs and interventions to screen and assess pregnant and postpartum mothers and families for perinatal mental health conditions.
  • Outreach and community models to reach and support pregnant, postpartum, and post pregnancy-loss families,
  • Effective methods for creating culturally sensitive interventions for perinatal families.
  • Best practices and research to identify common psychotropic medications used in pregnancy and lactation, and resources for evidence-based data regarding risks and safety.
  • The role of the family practice, obstetrical, and pediatric providers in screening and treatment of pregnant and postpartum women.
  • Research and approaches to prevent the impact of childhood trauma on the mother-infant relationship.
  • Research and tools to provide support and information through electronic media and support.
  • Models and benefits of social support services for perinatal families, including telephone, group, social media, and in-home services.

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