Climb 2018

Join Us! Climb Out of the Darkness 2018

GraphicCauseVoxBannerThe Climb Out of the Darkness 2018 is beginning! This is the sixth year that survivors will share their personal experiences with perinatal mental illness. Some of us have been sharing our stories for years, and some will speak their truth perhaps for the very first time.

Climb Out of the Darkness is an international fundraiser that partners with local organizations all over the world to fund projects and initiatives that help support families, train professionals, and provide programs that support those who have suffered, are suffering, or will suffer from a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder.

This event is more than a fundraiser. It brings communities together in an incredibly unique way. Patients and doctors, parents and children, therapists and those in therapy gather together as equals. We lend our collective voice to the cause by sharing our personal experiences which can then be shared and shared and passed along like wild fire on social media.

We’ve seen the emotional effect that viral social media post about a woman’s experience at her postpartum visit in her OB office can have. Imagine not one, but 100, or 1000, or 10,000 stories of men and women who can say “same here!”

‘I was given the wrong information by a doctor’ – same here.
‘I was told I was too pretty to be depressed’ – so was I.
‘I didn’t even realize what was happening to me was treatable’ – neither did I.
‘Because I’m a dad, I didn’t know it could happen to me’— same here.
‘I was told I’m just tired’ – so was I.
‘I was told I had too many kids’ – same here.

Join us.

Help fund the programs that fight against misinformation and stigma. Help fund the programs that teach doctors what to do and give those who are struggling a place to go.

Join us.

Plug yourself into a community of people who understand that getting help is hard, and that even if you’ve gotten help that you’re going to have setbacks along the way.

Join us.

And climb out of the darkness so that you can become a lighthouse and guide others towards the light.

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