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Resource Guide

WELCOME TO THE SPAIN RESOURCE PAGE FOR PSI. We are glad you found us. This page lists the PSI Support Coordinators and other area resources such as groups, telephone support, and reliable services that are available for no charge. We also list local events, trainings, and volunteer opportunities.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR PSI COORDINATOR: PSI Coordinators are volunteers who offer caring and informed support and resources to moms and their families. They also provide information and resources for area providers who are caring for pregnant and postpartum families. Please don’t hesitate to contact us; we want to hear from you.


Coordinadora España: DR. EDUARDO ALAPONT PEREZ
Salud Mental de la Mujer
Gran Via Marques del Turia 69-3
46005 Valencia
638 703 246

Coordinadora España: DR. IBONE OLZA
Madrid, Spain

Coordinadora España: LYNNE MCINTYRE
Barcelona, Spain
Speak English, Spanish, French and Catalan
Can be reached by email, phone or SMS
Please note:  The phone cannot accept WhatsApp messages.
Tel: +34.668.693.824


In an emergency: PSI is a volunteer organization devoted to providing social support and resources to women and their families. We will return your call or email as quickly as we can, but we can not provide an immediate response in an emergency. If you do need immediate assistance, please contact your local emergency resources now.



The following groups offer support at no charge for women who are at risk of or are experiencing distress such as isolation, depression, anxiety, fearful thoughts, insomnia, trauma, and other difficulties during pregnancy or postpartum. Support groups provide a safe and caring place for connection and recovery. Please call or email for more information.
No listings available
Please contact the PSI Office if you would like to list a support group here.


No listings available
Please contact the PSI Office if you would like to list an event here.


If you are aware of a perinatal resource for families that is not listed here, if a current listing needs updating, or if you would like to apply to be listed here, please contact us.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact PSI Executive Director Wendy Davis with any questions.

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