Maternal Mental Health Month


Events taking place during the month of May
(Each item listed below has a link to website)

May 2-8th – Maternal Mental Health Week

May 4th – World Maternal Mental Health Day 

May 6th – Postpartum Psychosis Awareness Day

May 8th – Mother’s Day

Entire month of May -Maternal Mental Health Month
Climb out of the Darkness

Our theme:

This Maternal Mental Health Month, we want to talk about IT.

Let’s Shatter the silence and end the stigma by Talking About IT.  Sharing your experience during pregnancy and postpartum mental health struggles and/or your story of recovery opens the conversation and lets new and expecting parents know that they are not alone.

IT is what has brought you to PSI today: Your story, or the story of a friend, family member, spouse, partner, or someone you know that you know who has experienced IT. You have been affected by IT.

How to get involved this month?

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