Perinatal Mental Health May Provider Spotlight

Provider Spotlight

In response to the lack of comprehensive reproductive resources available in the Las Vegas Valley for BIPOC communities, birth workers, and perinatal professionals Heart & Sol Collective was formed by Kaleigh Mancha and Rikki Jenkins. This dynamic duo offers full spectrum doula services, lactation support, a milk donation depot, support groups, mental health services, monthly meet-ups for birth workers of color, and entrepreneurial workshops. 

Heart & Sol Collective started as an organization formed to fill the gap in reproductive resources in Clark County in 2020 and is now transitioning to nonprofit status. Making Heart & Sol Collective the FIRST community-based organization in Southern Nevada to

 offer these much-needed services. 

“Wellness is a necessity, not a luxury” has always been Kaleigh Mancha’s business motto. In addition to being a co-founder of the Heart & Sol Collective, Kaleigh is the only practicing Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and full-spectrum doula in Nevada. She is passionate about creating opportunities for accessible, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed wellness. She specializes in C-PTSD, medical trauma, reproductive experiences, PMDs, and life transitions. In these roles, she has a unique perspective and skill set which she uses to amplify and advocate for systemic change. 

Kaleigh shares, “As I actively decolonize my life and offerings, I find it crucial to integrate the traditions and wisdom of my ancestors from my cultural lineage, as well as those of my clients”. While Kaleigh supports others through life’s biggest moments she tries her best to blend research and science with Indigenous and ancestral teachings. This helps her guide her clients in a way that feels empowering and collaborative while honoring the sacredness that comes from being entrusted to do this work.


Kaleigh wears a lot of hats; therefore, prioritizing her family, self, and recharging is necessary for her to sustain her well-being. She loves urban foraging for plant medicines, playing with her energetic toddler, puzzles, cooking with her teenage daughter, traveling, vegan eats, visiting local bookstores, and anything having to do with dirt, water, trees, or meditating in the sun! Last year she started an email book club centered around BIPOC and queer authors and literature.


The other half of Heart & Sol Collective is Rikki Jenkins. “Unfortunately, our society is not set up to fully support families in the way they need and deserve to be supported. I have the privilege of working with them through pregnancy, during, and after birth” shares Rikki who is a lactation consultant, childbirth educator, and doula. Rikki believes all birthing people and families deserve inclusive, culturally responsive, and family-centered support throughout their journey in parenthood and uses her different roles to see the collective picture of what her clients may be going through. 

As an introvert, Rikki’s primary way to recharge is with alone time, usually eating her favorite food, reading fictional fantasy books, or binge-watching shows. In addition to recharging with solo time, Rikki loves going out with her family and friends. 

Rikki and Kaleigh we thank you for the groundbreaking work you are doing for the families and providers in your community. If you want to learn more about Rikki, Kaleigh, or their work with Heart & Sol Collective you can connect with them at:

Heart & Sol Collective

IG @heartandsolcollective

Kaleigh Mancha:

Rikki Jenkins: 

IG & FB: @SacredJourneyLV 



Volunteer Spotlight


“Marginalized communities are experiencing heavy emotional labor and need holistic support that includes peer-to-peer support. I identify as a Black lesbian angel mom and have been able to support others who are living 

inthese margins,” shares Brandynicole, a PSI peer support group leader. 

Brandynicole Brooks is a Licensed Therapist and dedicated PSI volunteer. She started leading support groups in August 2011 and currently facilitates Black Moms Connect, LGBTQ/Queer Families, and Black Moms in Loss. 

Between Brandynicole’s roles, she focuses on filling her own cup so she can continue to serve from that overflow. For Brandynicole, this looks like reading, watching reality TV, sitting in solitude, and spending intentional time with family and friends. 

Brandynicole highlights, “These groups provide a brave and safe space for Black moms to remove their Super Woman capes and find kindred spirits struggling with new motherhood and loss. LGBTQIA/Queer families are also provided this brave and safe space to connect and share unique experiences.”

Thank you for your time and dedication to our help seekers Brandynicole. If you want to connect with Brandynicole Brooks, you can visit her at