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Category Title Name Location
Fathers, Families, & Partners The Value of Sibling Support in the NICU Cloutier Chaine, Randie CA
Fathers, Families, & Partners Psychological Risks among Fathers of Babies with Confirmed Fetal Diagnoses Cole, Joanna PA
Fathers, Families, & Partners Connected Couples * Thriving Families: Preventing, Navigating & Healing from MPAS Dudley ,Jen
Fathers, Families, & Partners Forgotten Fathers: Postpartum Depression in Men Eddy, Brandon NV
Fathers, Families, & Partners Postpartum Depression and Anxiety in Intergenerational Co-Mothering Families in China Mason, Katherine RI
Fathers, Families, & Partners Early Childhood Program to Promote Good Family Mental Health and Well-Being across the Life Course Muvhu, Linos Africa
Integrated Care and Systems Implementation of Trauma-Informed Care in a Patient-Centered Medical Home for Young Mothers and Their Babies Ashby, Bethany
Integrated Care and Systems Provoking Conversation: Maternity Leave and Postpartum Mental Health Barrell, Anna MA
Integrated Care and Systems Predictors of Postpartum Distress Service use: A Theory-Informed Integrative Systematic Review Bina, Rena
Integrated Care and Systems The NICU and Beyond: Providing a Continuum of Psychological Services Dowtin, La Trice CA
Integrated Care and Systems Expanding Services to Meet the Perinatal Mental Health Needs of Women within a Hospital System Ganberg, Laurie WA
Integrated Care and Systems African American Perinatal Women’s Mental Health Intervention Preferences in Obstetrics Glickman, Courtney DC
Integrated Care and Systems Improving Sleep with Mom (and Baby) in Mind: Developmentally-Focused, Systems-Based Strategies for Clinicians Gordon, Macall
Integrated Care and Systems Integrating Behavioral Health Care in OB/GYN Clinics Hoffman, Charity MI
Integrated Care and Systems Implementation of a Risk Factor Screening Tool for Early Identification of Postpartum Depression in the Prenatal Setting Jeffcoat, Christy AL
Integrated Care and Systems Models of Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Provide Maternal Psychosocial Care Kwee, Janelle BC
Integrated Care and Systems Implementation of a Safety Bundle to Improve Effective Maternal Mental Healthcare in the Obstetric Setting. Lanuza, Kalena
Integrated Care and Systems Malaysian Practices of Integrative Postnatal Care Lynn-McDonough, Valerie
Integrated Care and Systems Enhancing Postpartum Follow-up: Outcomes of a Randomized-Controlled Trial McCarter ,Deborah
Integrated Care and Systems Effectiveness of Reducing Depression and Increasing Self-Efficacy through a Home Visiting Intervention Delivered in Spanish: Results from the Rebozos De Salud Project. Sampson, McClain
Integrated Care and Systems Can a Postpartum W.e.l.l.n.e.s.s. Plan Reduce the Risk of PMADs? Speier, Diane UK
Integrated Care and Systems Baby Carriers As A Perinatal Mental Health Tool Tello, Payal
Integrated Care and Systems Perinatal Mental Health in Women Living with HIV Thompson, Jennifer
Integrated Care and Systems Engaging Newfoundland and Labrador to Design a Perinatal Mental Health Framework Porr, Caroline NL
Peer Support & Advocacy Partnering with Patient Advocacy Groups to Identify Challenges and Solutions for Postpartum Mental Health Care Stewart-Hart, Marjorie
Perinatal Psychiatry The Role of Long Acting Injectable Antipsychotics in Women with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder during Pregnancy Bysani, Sailaja MO
Perinatal Psychiatry Differentiating Postpartum Depression and Normal Grief in an Adolescent Mother after Neonatal Demise Derish, Nicole NY
Perinatal Psychiatry Safety and Efficacy of Intravenous Ganaxolone in Severe Postpartum Depression: Results from a Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase 2 Study Gutierrez, Rolando PA
Perinatal Psychiatry Mental Health Literacy of Mexican-American Adolescents: Examining Their Perceptions about Perinatal Depression Recto, Pamela TX
Psychotherapy What Comes Next? Women’s Experiences of Healing from Postpartum Posttraumatic Stress Doncaster, Erinn BC
Psychotherapy The Myth of the Strong Black Woman: Culturally Responsive Mental Health Assessment and Treatment for Pregnant African American Women Fant, Maima MN
Psychotherapy Support for Women after Termination for Medical Reasons (TFMR) Fleming, Alexandra WA
Psychotherapy The Surrogate mother: An Exploration of Emotions and Relationships. James, Shari-ann FL
Psychotherapy Nutrition and Mental Health Koos Fox, Allison AK
Psychotherapy The Alma Program: Development of a Peer Mentoring Approach for Depressed Pregnant and Postpartum Women Lemon, Elizabeth CO
Psychotherapy Solution-Focused Group Therapy for Postpartum Couples Yoneyama-Sims, Keiko CO

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