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Scholarship for Providers of Color

PSI Perinatal Action Fund Scholarship Application
PSI 2019 Annual Conference


This fund is allocated to provide assistance to attend the PSI annual conference for individuals who are providers of color and who also may be working in communities with unmet needs and few resources. The scholarship award is based on financial need, commitment to the field of perinatal mental health, your work in underserved communities, and willingness to serve as a PSI ambassador in your community. If awarded, the scholarship will pay for full conference registration, and a partial reimbursement for travel expenses.Please wait to register for the conference if you are applying for a scholarship. Refunds will not be issued for scholarship winners.

All applications and decisions about scholarships are confidential and will be seen only by the PSI Conference Scholarship Committee. Applications are due by April 15, 2019. PSI will notify recipients by May 1, 2019.

This scholarship is not transferable. If you are awarded the funds but are not able to use it for the 2019 conference, you can not transfer it to another event.

The conference will be held from June 26-30, 2019. On Wednesday June 26 and Thursday June 27, we will hold our 2-day pre-conference Certificate Course, “Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Components of Care.” You can apply the scholarship to any part or all of the pre-conference, main conference, on Sunday-only session.

Here’s a link for more information about the conference: https://www.postpartum.net/professionals/conference-2019/

Contact us if you have any questions at wdavis@postpartum.net or 503-277-3925

Apply here by April 15

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