Pathway to Certification at the PSI Conference

To qualify to take the PMH-C Certification Exam, candidates must complete 14 hours of a PMD training, plus an advanced 6 hour in-person training in their certification track. Read information below about courses at the annual conference that qualify for the certification path.

  • Certification pre-requisites can also be fulfilled by completing alternative approved courses.

Conference Guidelines for Certification

1. 14-Hour PMD Certificate Training Requirement: Take the PSI PMD Training: Components of Care Certificate Course: 2-Day Pre-Conference Training on July 24-25, 2024.

2. Advanced Course Options by Track:

  • Advanced Psychopharmacology: Attendees must have first completed a 14-hour PMD certificate course. Sessions are titled “Advanced Perinatal Mental Health Psychopharmacology and fulfill the 6-hour advanced training requirements for the Psychopharm track of Certification.
  • Advanced Psychotherapy: Attendees must have first completed a qualified PMD certificate course of at least 14 hours.  Advanced  Perinatal Mental Health Psychotherapy Training on Sunday July  28th fulfills the 6-hour in person training requirement for Advanced Psychotherapy Course for certification.
  • Advanced Affiliated Professions: ANY PSI conference breakout counts toward your 6-hour advanced in-person training requirement for certification. For certification, candidates must also complete a PMD certificate course of at least 14 hours.