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The International Marcé Society

The Marcé Society is an international organization dedicated to the prevention, understanding and treatment of psychiatric illness related to childbearing. The goal of the Marcé Society is to promote, facilitate and communicate about research into all aspects of the mental health of women, their infants and partners around the time of childbirth. This involves a broad range of research activities ranging from basic science through to health services research. The Society is multidisciplinary and encourages involvement from all disciplines including: psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians, obstetricians, midwives, nurses, early childhood specialists. The Society also encourages the involvement of consumer advocacy and self-help groups. The Society holds an international meeting every two years, which is hosted by the President. These are lively meetings with a high quality scientific content that brings together researchers, clinicians and consumers from around the world.


Read the Marce Society Position Statement on Assessment and Screening in Perinatal Mental Health

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