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Webinars for Family and Community Support

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Join us in a 4-class webinar series for families, communities, and advocates to learn from leaders in the field about strengthening support for families and communities. Our presenters are Jane Honikman, Susan Benjamin Feingold, Ann Dunnewold, and Timoria McQueen Saba.

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Session 1
Jane Honikman, MS
Beyond Talk into Action: Meeting the Needs of Perinatal Families

Session 2
Susan Benjamin Feingold, PsyD
Legal Issues and Advocacy in perinatal mood disorders:
PA 100-0574, an Illinois Ground-Breaking Law

Session 3
Ann Dunnewold, PhD
Mindful Mothering

Session 4
Timoria McQueen Saba
Birth Trauma, PTSD, and its Effect on Moms and Families 


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