PSI COVID-19 Resources

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We are with you during this time of global pandemic. PSI is strong and ready to help you feel connected, comforted, and able to help you volunteer or provide services for other families. Stay in touch and let us know what you need. Click on any of the services above, or contact us for more information.

We have more online support groups, teletherapy provider referrals, Helpline, Online Professional trainings, and other services for you. 

See below for specific resources that are available now.

Families & Parents

  • HelpLine: As always our HelpLine is open, and available for calls from moms, dads, and families, or anyone who may be looking for resources to help a loved one.
    • Call 1-800-944-4773 (4PPD), English and Español
    • Text a Message: 503-894-9453 (English) or 971-420-0294 ( Español)
  • State Support Coordinators: Reach out to a local state coordinator who can help find you resources and referrals in your area.  Includes referrals to Teletherapy resources.
  • Online Support Groups, available for:
    Perinatal (Pregnancy & Postpartum) Mood Support Group
    Pregnancy Mood Support Group
    NICU Parents Support Group
    Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group for moms
    Military Moms Support Group
  • Chat with an Expert: Every week! During these sessions, you can connect with other moms and dads, and talk with a PSI expert about resources, symptoms, options and general information about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders from the privacy of your own phone.
    • Moms – Every Wednesday
    • Dads – First Monday of the Month
  • Provider Directory: Search the Provider Directory to find a provider in your area that offers teletherapy.
  • Dads:
  • PSI Facebook Group: Join the moderated PSI Closed Facebook group to find support and encouragement from other parents, who may be going through similar experiences.
  • Smart Patients Forum: Moderated online peer support in an anonymous forum.


PSI Directory – Please add your teletherapy listing to the PSI directory, so families can find your information.  (New Listing or Update Listing)


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