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PSI Training Testimonials

Comments from 2015 2-Day Certificate Trainings

  • Great Presentation. Very valuable information.
  • Great sense of humor and anecdotes that made the info and presentation interesting and relatable.
  • Enjoyed cultural info.
  • I appreciate your wisdom, humor, and gentleness in presentation of your own and your client’s stories.
  • Very good examples, Very good at balancing difficult subject matter with light hearted humor.
  • Appreciated inclusion of men, lesbians, racial minorities and SES minorities thoughout the day and multiple topics.
  •  A-ma-zing. So personable, open, human. Thank you!
  • Very thoughtful and information. I didn’t know so much of this!
  • Thank you for the panel of survivors. They were very powerful and added so much to the training.
  • The panel had good variety and very sincere.
  • Great experience for me. Will supplement my curriculum greatly.
  • Fantastic presentation!!
  • Great training – addressed an appropriate breadth and depth of the topic. I feel very competent to treat this topic as an LMFT focus.
  • The videos were great!
  • This was a wonderful overview of so many topics. I would like to attend additional more in-depth trainings. This was a wonderful 2 days — can’t wait to get more involved.
  • You covered a lot of interesting topics. I got some better understanding of what I experienced. I realize now I had this disorder and didn’t know what was wrong with me. Thank you for making me feel more normal.
  • Very passionate group of people presenting.
  • Wonderful training! Your passion for the subject is infectious and conducive to sharing info and rallying support of the topic.

Postpartum Support International.