Important PSI News about the Safety Net for all families

PSI_iconPSI is here to support the families of Postpartum Progress

March 7, 2017

All of us at Postpartum Support International (PSI) want to say how sorry we are about what has taken place in recent days at Postpartum Progress. To all of you who have so much to offer to women and men who suffer and the families who support them, you are welcome at PSI. As many of you know, for thirty years, PSI has been supporting moms and families, educating professionals, and providing a bridge between the two.

For those of you who are not completely familiar with PSI, here are a few of the things you will want to know:

  • Our Volunteers provide direct support and links to local resources and trained professionals. We support all pregnant, postpartum, and post-loss families through our telephone warmline, state and country support coordinators, chats, forums, and groups. Call 800-944-4773 to connect with us.
  • There are multiple opportunities for volunteering: as a state, province, or country coordinator, on the telephone warmline (in English or Spanish), blogging, online support, helping set up state chapters, and more. If you would more information about PSI state chapters, please email us at:
  • Our state and country Support Coordinators provide direct support to families through email, phone, and text. Find your local coordinator and they will help you connect locally.
  • PSI has online facilitated support groups for mothers, fathers, and families, in English and Spanish
  • Weekly Chat with an Expert forum, facilitated by a licensed perinatal mental health provider
  • A support page on Facebook that moms can enter by request, offering support to anyone seeking a place to share, find help, or offer guidance.
  • PSI trainings (in English and Spanish) for providers (including webinars) are ongoing, including frontline provider training serving rural and underserved areas
  • Online social support webinar trainings for social support and peer support volunteers
  • Training, information, and resources for the legal community
  • An annual conference bringing together clinical and social support providers.
  • There is so much more than we can list here! For full information on all of our programs please visit our website

Postpartum Progress is in the process of dissolving. They will transfer their remaining assets to PSI after meeting all remaining obligations and closing costs. PSI will hold the funds in a separate account and be guided by an advisory council regarding their best use to benefit moms, dads, and families. The council will be chaired by a woman of color, and at least half its members are to be women and men from multicultural backgrounds, who come from both the Postpartum Progress and PSI survivor communities.

PSI is humbled and proud to undertake such an important task. Climb Out of the Darkness annual fundraiser will continue, sponsored and with central coordination by PSI, in collaboration with the Climb leaders who have brought so much to this unifying event. The Climb will continue to use CrowdRise, enabling any individual to host an event. PSI is committed to ensuring that money raised by the Climb can go back to local efforts and communities. We will share details about the Climb logistics as quickly as possible. We are ready and eager to communicate with you if you have questions about your Climb.

There is a place at PSI for all who wish to volunteer and join together to help moms, dads, and families. We welcome the Warrior Moms and their passion, commitment, and spirit. Our coordinators in all 50 states and around the world will be ready to welcome everyone. Contact us at or call 503-894-9453.