Chrissy Brunick

Psychiatric Consult Line Coordinator

Chrissy Brunick is a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) who has worked in multiple capacities including pediatrics, surgery, wound care, family practice, and various specialties since 2010. After experiencing infertility and obstacles trying to conceive, she became a mother in 2014, but immediately grappled with postpartum depression (PPD) and anxiety after the birth of her first son. After overcoming PPD, she remained dedicated to bringing awareness and understanding of PPD to support groups, friends, and expecting parents. Her experience has motivated her to reach out and learn how to help other parents who are experiencing the sometimes difficult journey of pregnancy and new parenthood. Working with PSI grants her the outlet to reach more families on a professional level. Now a mother of 4, Chrissy feels her education and experience are invaluable, and wishes to share her strength to build a steadfast network of mental health support. “I’ve been in the trenches at 3AM. I see you. I know you’re there, and I am with you. At PSI, we will reach out to you, hold space for you, and support you. We can find the light together