Emily Jankowski

The Climb Program Director
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

I am a yoga instructor and Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD) advocate. I suffered from PPA and PPOCD after the birth of my oldest son in 2008. Unfortunately, I wasn’t diagnosed until 2010 while being treated for PPA after the birth of my second son. After my third child was born in 2012, I found myself once again suffering from PPA. A combination of treatments including talk therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes helped me recover completely. Living for two years with an undiagnosed PMAD is what lead me to advocacy work with Postpartum Progress and now Postpartum Support International. Raised by freethinkers, I am devout in my faith, secular humanism. I have been a yoga practitioner since 1996 and a certified yoga teacher since 2011. When I’m not advocating for perinatal mental-health or teaching yoga, you can find me in the pool training for open water swims. I also enjoy working in my garden, which is large enough to feed my family. I spend as much time outdoors as the weather will allow.