Jess Pierson, Perinatal Psychosis Taskforce
Jess Pierson, Perinatal Psychosis Taskforce

Jess Pierson

Perinatal Psychosis Task Force

Jess’s mission is to help others with lived experience of perinatal psychosis to channel their grief into advocacy, by using their powerful stories to help create equitable policies and much-needed change in the medical and legislative system regarding maternal mental health. Jess has shared her story at several conferences, facilitated a Pregnancy and Postpartum Psychosis (PPP) online support group, and is a member of the Postpartum Support International PPP Task Force. Jess coordinates a perinatal psychosis storytelling project for PPP Awareness Day, in partnership with the Moth Community Engagement Program.

In 2023 Jess also co-facilitated StoryCenter workshops for those with lived experience of PPP. These storytellers shared their digital story creation at the PSI conference as keynote speakers, serving as panelists to help break the stigma of perinatal psychosis, to humanize the stories of those who have experienced it and to educate maternal mental health providers, and advocates on how to properly identify the temporary and treatable illness, and care for someone who may be experiencing it.

By day, Jess teaches Deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students, like herself, to advocate for themselves in a mainstream school setting, and educates teachers on making learning more accessible to DHH students. Jess never thought she’d be where she is today and sends love and hope to those who may still be struggling-it gets better, truly.

To hear more about Jess’s story, listen to the KCRW’s Bodies Podcast-Season 4: Episode 5 “The 4th Trimester” (