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Kat Schuknecht, PMH-C

Kat Schuknecht, PMH-C

Helpline Manager



Madison, Wisconsin, USA


Kat Schuknecht was born and raised in Wisconsin. She traveled two hours south of her hometown to attend college at UW-Madison, and has lived in Madison ever since. After the birth of her second daughter, Kat discovered she had been experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, and OCD since the birth of her first daughter four years earlier. This experience put her on the path to becoming a postpartum doula and maternal mental health advocate. Kat is Founder and Executive Director of Madison Area Parent Support (MAPS). Her organization’s mission is to provide direct support to families during the postpartum period and beyond – with a particular focus on parents experiencing PMADs – connecting them with the professionals and resources they need. Kat has been providing peer support to mothers locally and nationally since 2014. Kat joined PSI as a Wisconsin Coordinator in 2018, and she joined PSI staff as the Helpline Coordinator in 2019. Kat also serves as a mentor in PSI’s new mentor program.
In her spare time, Kat is a wife, mother, and Girl Scout leader (of two troops). She enjoys coffee, more coffee, and maybe just a little more coffee please.
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