Kristina Dulaney, PSI Perinatal Psychosis Taskforce
Kristina Dulaney, PSI Perinatal Psychosis Taskforce

Kristina Dulaney, RN, PMH-C

Perinatal Psychosis Task Force

Kristina Dulaney, RN, PMH-C, is a passionate advocate for good maternal mental health, and is recognized for her resilience as a perinatal psychosis survivor. Kristina’s journey began when she became a mother. As she faced the overwhelming challenges of postpartum mental health issues, her personal battle with perinatal psychosis ignited her determination to increase awareness, as well as supporting other mothers who may experience similar struggles.

With unwavering courage, Kristina openly shares her own experiences to remove the stigma of maternal mental health issues in an effort to offer hope to countless other mothers. Kristina’s advocacy work includes initiating Cherished Mom, a nonprofit, that shares information on various platforms, as well as collaborating and partnering with other organizations to increase and improve resources for perinatal mental health. A few of Kristina’s most notable accomplishments include initiating PPP Awareness Day in 2021, an appearance on the “Dr. Phil Show” and being nominated to serve on the National Maternal Mental Health Task Force.

Kristina’s story is a testimony to the strength of the human spirit. Her dedication to maternal mental health advocacy not only empowers survivors, but it also encourages society to prioritize the well-being of new mothers. Kristina Dulaney’s remarkable journal is a beacon of hope for those women who are facing postpartum mental health challenges, as well as their families.