Laura Killgore

TheBlueDotProject Manager

Laura started her career in Early Childhood Development and was a preschool teacher and director for 10 years. She has a passion for child development and parent education. She married her loving and supportive husband, Stephen, in August of 2016, and in June of 2018, she became a mother to a baby girl, Adaline.

Laura experienced postpartum depression, anxiety, and OCD following a traumatic birth experience that led to an emergency c-section. A few months after the birth of her daughter, she had the opportunity to tap into her creative side as a Social Media Manager and Branding Expert for 2020 Mom, now the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health, Mom Congress, and TheBlueDotProject. 

As a longtime advocate, Laura joined Mom Congress in D.C. on multiple occasions to speak with legislators about her personal experience and help get multiple bills and acts passed to help better support moms and families nationwide.

In 2023, TheBlueDotProject transitioned to PSI, the new home for the BlueDot. Laura has had the opportunity to move with TheBlueDotProject to PSI and now is a full-time employee focusing on the BlueDot and growing the brand through spreading awareness and helping to end the stigma and shame surrounding maternal mental health.

In Laura’s free time, you can find her listening to or watching true crime podcasts or shows, camping with her family, and exploring her beautiful state, Oregon.