Megan Roberts

Peer Support Program Manager
Megan Roberts is a peer support specialist, mental health advocate, mother, writer, and professor. Megan has a MA in English and MFA in Writing. She was a professor of English for ten years before embarking on her career in perinatal peer support. After the birth of her first child in 2014, Megan experienced postpartum anxiety. At six months postpartum, she joined a local support group for perinatal parents in Raleigh, NC. The support given at those weekly meetings was the most important part of her recovery journey; it also changed the trajectory of her career. Since 2015, Megan has been working with peer support groups and programs that focus on perinatal mental health. She has certifications from PSI, Group Peer Support, Mental Health First Aid, and the Racial Equity Institute. Megan believes deeply in peer support, social justice, and intersectional feminism. She lives with her partner, three children, dog, cat, and a lot of houseplants.