Meghan Cliffel, PSI Perinatal Psychosis Taskforce
Meghan Cliffel, PSI Perinatal Psychosis Taskforce

Meghan Cliffel

Perinatal Psychosis Task Force

Motivated by social justice, Meghan worked in public education for twenty years: teaching, working at the nation’s largest district, founding a successful nonprofit consulting agency, and working as an independent consultant. She holds a bachelor’s from the University of Michigan, a Master in the Science of Teaching from Pace University, and a Master in Public Policy from Georgetown University.

In December 2015—while running a consulting firm and welcoming her second baby—she had a before-and-after experience. She suffered postpartum psychosis (PPP)—suddenly losing the mind she’d spent a lifetime collecting fancy degrees and accolades for—and narrowly escaped hurting herself or her family in the throes of psychosis. Afterward, Meghan began to work for herself as a consultant in public education while pivoting to spend increasingly more of her time advocating for, and teaching, speaking, and writing about, things she learned from experiencing PPP and finding her way back to herself.

Meghan is now a writer and mindfulness teacher who uses storytelling, yoga, meditation, and sound as mechanisms to liberate the mind in service of living our best lives. She’s working on getting her memoir about her experience with PPP out into the world and writes a regular newsletter/blog about mindfulness. She lives in her hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband and three wonderful (and needy) small children.