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Melissa Bangs

Melissa Bangs



, Montana,


Melissa Bangs is fifth generation Montanan on her dad’s side and draws her roots all the way back to Roger Williams and Providence, Rhode Island on her mom’s side.

In her many years away from Montana, Melissa worked as a labor organizer, a development director of an international human rights organization and a nonprofit consultant with an emphasis on strategic planning, fundraising, board development and facilitation.

Her journey away from Montana took her to Santa Cruz, Mexico, Chile, San Francisco, El Salvador and New York City.

In 2004, Melissa brought her nonprofit consulting business home and worked with well over 100 nonprofit organizations throughout Montana before the birth of her daughter, Adelaide, in 2012.

Currently, Melissa is home with Adelaide half-time, savoring every moment of these early years AND she is drawing upon her storytelling roots and comedic experience in New York City to tell this story in this way across the country over the next several years.

Additionally, she is collaborating with Dr. Christine White to expand and diversify the medical model for post partum women in Missoula and far beyond.

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