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Sylvia Lasalandra

Sylvia Lasalandra

Author and Advocate



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Sylvia Lasalandra is a survivor of PPD. As a devoted mother of Melina, Ms. Lasalandra has taken her experience and created a vehicle in print and film to offer encouragement and inspiration to the thousands of women who suffer from these illnesses and those who support and treat them. Her riveting story, A Daughter’s Touch, was made into an award winning short film.

Ms. Lasalandra has taken her passion to Washington DC where she testified at a senate press conference with Mary Jo Codey, NJ’s former first lady, Brooke Shields and others who share her mission. She is a past Chair of the President’s Advisory Committee of Postpartum Support International. Her fundraiser to benefit PSI was the most successful fundraiser in the organization’s history. Her passion for this issue and willingness to bravely share her story make her a sought after speaker and compelling presenter.

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