Xochitl Carlos Mendez

Alliance Spanish Cultural Program Manager, PMHA-POC

Xochitl is from México; and has a BA in Special Education and a Master’s in Child Psychotherapy. Sixteen years ago, she began her path through different non-profits when she discovered her passion for helping and advocating for the most vulnerable communities. In Mexico, she was an activist for the rights of people with disabilities, which led her to found and lead several non-profits. Her goal has always been to create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.
When she moved to the United States, she transitioned her advocacy to women who were victims of domestic violence and the immigrant community.
She enjoys kayaking, hiking, and camping in her spare time and finds peace by meditating and reading. She also enjoys cooking authentic Mexican food, which allows her to feel close to her family and connected to her roots.
Xochitl is the mother of a beautiful baby named Ian, wife to an extraordinary man named Brian, and dog mom to a crazy Australian shepherd named Floki. Her favorite place in the world is where they are.