The BlueDot Project
The BlueDot Project
Postpartum Support International

The BlueDot is the national symbol for maternal mental health survivorship, support, and solidarity.

The purpose of TheBlueDotProject is to raise awareness of maternal mental health disorders, proliferate the blue dot as the symbol of solidarity and support, and combat stigma and shame. TheBlueDotProject is the official host of Maternal Mental Health awareness week.

As the global champion for perinatal mental health, Postpartum Support International is proud to serve as the new home for TheBlueDotProject.

The project aligns with our strategic goals, connecting individuals and families to the resources and support needed to give them the strongest and healthiest start possible.

We will work together to support families with education, resources, and empathy, and continue important conversations surrounding perinatal mental health. Please continue to follow TheBlueDotProject and PSI our social media channels for more information and updates!