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Archives - November 2015

“That must be so hard”

by Lita Simanis, LCSW November 23, 2015 When I meet someone new and tell them that my work focuses on postpartum depression, I often hear “that must be so hard” or “so sad.” Depending on the circumstances, I will, at the very least, respond with something like: “Not at all! I get to meet newborn…

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What Color Was Your Postpartum Experience?

by Sharon Gerdes November 11, 2015 I’ve heard women say, “I had postpartum—bad.” Postpartum, which means “after the birth,” is actually an adjective to describe a variety of conditions that can occur during that period. So when women say they “had postpartum,” they may mean any of the wide range of perinatal mood and anxiety…

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