Experiencing the loss of a pregnancy, infant, or child brings unimaginable pain, grief, and isolation.Non-judgmental support, information, and connection with others is available to you.

If you are recovering from the loss of a loved one due to suicide, please visit our resource page dedicated to the memory of those we have lost.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Groups

PSI offers several different support groups for those who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. These groups help bereaved parents find support and resources to help them navigate the emotions of their loss.

Discussion Tool for Parents Experiencing Loss

This tool can help track your symptoms and be a resource to help you discuss them with your medical provider.

PSI Online Provider Directory

Provider Directory

The Provider Directory link directs you to providers who identify as knowledgeable and competent in treating individuals who have experienced loss.

Helpful Resources

  • Compassionate Friends – provides highly personal comfort, hope, and support to every family experiencing the death of a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a grandchild, and helps others better assist the grieving family. (resources in Spanish and other languages available)
  • Exhale – offers a free, national textline that provides emotional support, resources and information. All texts are completely confidential and counselors offer support and respect without judgment. The Exhale textline is available to individuals who have had abortions, and to their partners, friends, allies, and family members.  1-866-439–4253
  • Glow in the Woods (for babylost mothers and fathers) – discussion forum and helpful posts for parents who have lost a baby.
  • Griefwatch (for perinatal loss) a publisher and manufacturer of bereavement books and materials used by families and professionals around the country.
  • Georgetown University – Emotional Healing after a Miscarriage: A Guide for Women, Partners, Family and Friends
  • Hope Mommies – non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to come alongside oms and families who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth and/or infant loss, bringing comfort, encouragement, companionship and hope as they continue to walk this side of eternity without their beloved son or daughter.
  • March of Dimes – overview of dealing with grief after the death of one’s baby.
  • M.E.N.D. – (Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death)- Christian, non-profit organization that reaches out to families who have suffered the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death.
  • Miscarriage for Men – website that offers directional guidance and support. A place where men, who are suffering in silence, can voice their worries, fears and just support each other, either publicly or anonymously.
  • Miscarriage Matters – community of parents who have experienced the loss of our child/children, willing to offer our friendship and a listening ear.
  • MISS Foundation – provides support for families struggling with traumatic grief. Family Support Packets are available with information and resources for bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings.
  • PALS (Pregnancy After Loss Support) – PALS supports courageous mamas pregnant again after a loss through connection with peers, awareness in the community, education of providers, and advocacy around the world. PALS also has an app for parents who are conceiving after a loss.
  • Rachel’s Gift – provides support and guidance for caregivers and families enduring pregnancy and infant loss.
  • Return to Zero – provides compassionate and holistic support for people who have experienced unimaginable loss during their journey to parenthood. (resources in Spanish and other languages available)
  • Return to Zero: LGBTQIA+ – Support for LGBTQIA+ families
  • RESOLVE through Sharing – for providers; a not-for-profit organization providing thought leadership, and an evidence-based yet compassion-first approach to bereavement care.
  • SHARE Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support – mission to provide support toward positive resolution of grief experienced at the time of, or following the death of a baby. This support encompasses emotional, physical, spiritual and social healing, as well as sustaining the family unit.
  • Sisters in Loss – dedicated to replacing silence with storytelling around pregnancy and infant loss and infertility of black women.
  • Star Legacy Foundation – virtual grief support groups for family members who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss (group in Spanish available)
  • Stillbirthday – seeks to nurture sources of perinatal bereavement, strengthen skills of healthcare professionals and increase healthy engagement of perinatal related needs among communities.
  • Tears Foundation – seeks to compassionately lift a financial burden from families who have lost a child by providing funds to assist with the cost of burial or cremation services.  Also offers parents comprehensive bereavement care in the form of grief support groups and peer companions.

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