Military parent with newborn

Military families face unique stressors that make them more susceptible to experiencing perinatal mental health disorders.  Our Volunteer Support Coordinators are available to offer peer support, information, and resources for military families. Please find your branch below and contact one of our dedicated volunteers.  You are not alone.

Support Group – Military Families

Join us for our weekly online support group for military families!


Veterans (all branches)

Connect with the Veterans Specialized Coordinator

Air Force

Connect with an Air Force Specialized Coordinator


Connect with a Army Specialized Coordinator

Coast Guard


Connect with a Coast Guard Specialized Coordinator

Marine Corps


Connect with a Marine Corps Specialized Coordinator


National Guard


Connect with a National Guard Specialized Coordinator




Connect with a Specialized Coordinator


Find a Provider

PSI Online Provider Directory

There are many different treatment options available for treating perinatal mood disorders including peer support, therapy, and medication.  Finding a provider can be daunting.   The provider directory link directs you to providers who identify as knowledgeable and competent in treating military families.

Become a Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer to provide support or resources to military families, please contact Melissa Bentley at