Military parent with newborn

Military families face unique stressors that make them more susceptible experiencing perinatal mood disorders.  Our Volunteer Support Coordinators are available to offer peer support, information, and resources for military families. Please find your branch below and contact one of our dedicated volunteers.  You are not alone.

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Veterans (all branches)

Melinda Thiam


Allie Kelley
601-946-6100 (Call or Text)

Cyrena Mathews

Coast Guard

Shawna Bush
847-970-8750 (Call or Text)

Marine Corp

Cynthia Dortch
920-412-7329 (Call or Text)


Raquel Harp
For time zone call back purposes, please note Raquel is in Hawaii
409-553-2803 (Call or Text)

Air Force

Marit Watson
707-474-8805 (Call or Text)

Carrie Chalverus

Kate Mixon
540-429-5905 (Call or Text)

Maria Jurotich
501-291-0486 (Call or Text)

National Guard

Brandie Judy
(681) 214-0305 (Call or Text)

If you would like to volunteer to provide support or resources to military families, please contact Carrie Banks at