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  • Postpartum Support International has more than 300 Support Coordinators in every US state and around the world.
  • PSI Coordinators are trained volunteers who provide support, encouragement, information, and resources by phone, text, or email.
  • PSI Coordinators will help connect moms, dads, and families to local providers who are trained to treat perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.
  • Coordinators give encouragement, information, tips, and resources but not clinical, medical, legal, or religious advice. They are here to help all families navigate through the transition to parenthood.
  • Each state or country page offers information on how to contact PSI coordinators, crisis hotlines, support groups and events in that area. We also have specialized coordinators for Dads, Military Families, Spanish-speaking families, and Arabic-speaking Families 
  • Our volunteers will contact you within 24 hours.
  • If you need more immediate help, CLICK HERE to find emergency services.
  • Or you can join one of our online support group meetings, led by trained facilitators.

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Visit the Online Provider Directory to find a knowledgeable provider near you.  The Online Provider Directory is now available in the US and Canada.

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