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PSI Online Provider Directory

Looking for a knowledgeable provider or support group in your area?

Visit the PSI online directory to find qualified perinatal mental health professionals and groups in the United States and Canada.  Future plans will include the UK and Australia.

Moms, families, and providers can now quickly and easily identify trained perinatal mental health providers in their area. Providers can share practice announcements, new programs and groups, and more.

Are you a provider?

Join the registry and share your listing as a psychotherapist, psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, medical care provider, clinic, support group, or affiliated professional. Providers are professionals in good standing with state or province standards, and have completed specialized training in perinatal mental health, such as the PSI PMD certificate course, the PSI/2020 Mom Certificate webinar series, or other specialized perinatal mental health trainings.  Join the directory and start your listing today.