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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap National Report

Mind the Gap is a National Initiative led by Postpartum Support International and a broad-based stakeholder coalition comprised of leading experts from national professional and advocacy organizations.

Based on a Landscape Analysis and the guiding expertise of the coalition, the report presents a national roadmap of critical priorities and actions to advance as partners to improve perinatal mental health.

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Undiagnosed and untreated Perinatal Mental Health disorders are a silent health crisis in the United States, deserving national recognition and action to save lives and improve the health and wellbeing of America’s mothers, babies, fathers, families, and the community.

Postpartum Support International is proud to be working with a coalition of women, families, and leading organizations as partners who have set forth a blueprint of national priorities and actions that will turn the tide on the crisis. 

We stand for increasing research and funding and improving awareness and access to prevention, education, screening, diagnosis, treatment and support services for pregnant and postpartum women and their families.

Let’s do this! Join us and millions of others to elevate and ensure that the mental health and well-being of mothers, babies, and families are in the forefront – no longer silent – and that we collectively open paths to health and wellness.


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