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Call 1-877-499-4773 and leave a voicemail or email if you have questions.

Medical Providers (For Prescribers):

The PSI perinatal psychiatric consultation line is a service provided at no cost.

The consultation line is available for medical professionals who are prescribers and have questions about the mental health care related to pregnant and postpartum patients and pre-conception planning.  This consultation service is available for medical providers only.

The Perinatal Psychiatric Consult Line is staffed by experts in the field of psychiatry who are members of PSI and specialists in the treatment of perinatal mental health disorders. The service is free and available by appointment.

Fill out this form and we will match you with an appointment. We will respond to your request within one business day.

The presentation of perinatal mental health disorders is not always straightforward, and medication is not always immediately effective. PSI’s expert perinatal psychiatrists are available to share their skills and expertise with fellow medical professionals, providing necessary guidance and reassurance on any matter, but particularly those that may be more challenging.

PSI Frontline Provider Trainings Designed to equip primary care frontline healthcare providers with the skills necessary to assess patients for perinatal mental health complications and, as appropriate, provide treatment with medication(s) or connect individuals with additional resources and care.

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