Post-adoption depression is a very real issue that some adoptive and birth parents face. The symptoms and rates of occurrences (1 in 7 moms, 1 in 10 dads/partners), are similar to postpartum depression (PPD), and can also include unsure feelings about tough decisions, adjusting to a new parenting role, bonding issues, unresolved infertility issues, and more.

Just like with PPD, there are many treatment options to help parents struggling with post-adoption depression. Support groups, specifically trained counselors and therapists and knowledgeable prescribers can all play a major role in recovery.  We want you to know that there are good resources for you that provide non-judgmental support, information, and connection with others. We’ve listed some below and hope that you find them useful. Visit our local support page for resources near you or call our HelpLine.

Specialized Support

Birth Moms

PSI has a specialized support coordinator dedicated to birth moms who are having a hard time, either with the birth and relinquishment of their baby or with subsequent pregnancies.

Adoptive Parents

Mood and Anxiety Disorders during the postpartum period are experienced by more than just a birthing parent.  Parents who have adopted a baby/child can experience challenges with mood and anxiety as well.  PSI has Specialized Coordinators who have special knowledge and understanding of the difficulties these parents may be experiencing.

Support Groups

Adoptive and Foster Parents Support for the Early Years

This group is for any adoptive or foster parent who has a child from birth to three years old living in their home and will focus on support between these caregivers. Feelings of anxiety, depression, overwhelm and stress are common in adoptive/foster parents.  They face unique challenges and this group is a space to connect with other parents who understand them.

Birth Moms Support Group

PSI’s online Birth Mom Support Group provides connection for birth moms/first moms who place a baby for adoption. This group is intended for women who are considering adoption, have placed a child or have had a child placed for adoption. Whether your child was born recently or years ago you are welcome to join us for peer support.

Helpful Links

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