PSI Impact Report

PSI’s 2022 Impact Report- This report shows all the amazing work PSI has done in 2022 – thanks to our many volunteers, staff, donors, and committed Board and Advisory Council.  Take a moment to download the report and see what PSI did in 2022. We’ve come so far…..

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

PSI Strategic Report 2020-2025

PSI has spent the last year creating a strategic plan that focuses on our ability to grow, while still focusing on our core values.  Take a moment to download the PSI Strategic Plan 2020-2025 to see where PSI is headed, and join us in the movement to ensure that no parent is alone.

Financial Statements

PSI is providing links to our annual financial statements to uphold our commitment to donors and to financial accountability. We have started this practice with our 2010 Financial Summary and will add and update our website each year with current information.

For complete information, visit our GuideStar listing.