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Dads mental health

by Mark Williams for the PSI Blog June 17, 2018 I was one of those people who was completely uneducated about depression until it came knocking at my door in 2004. It wasn’t until my wonderful wife, Michelle, went through an emergency C-section and severe postnatal depression that it had an impact on me and my…

Men and Postnatal Mental Illness

Men and Postnatal Mental Illness by Dr Andrew Mayers 14 June 2018 Over the past few years, there has been an increase in awareness about maternal mental illnesses, including postnatal depression, postpartum psychosis, maternal obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following birth trauma. Global campaigns have led to greater public, media, and political awareness….

Featured PSI Member: Dr. Kendra Flores-Carter

Dr. Kendra Flores-Carter is a maternal child and pediatric clinical social worker for university-affiliated teaching hospital Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) in Colton, California. Currently teaching at California State University San Bernardino, Dr. Flores-Carter will be at California Baptist University starting in August 2018 as an Assistant Professor in the Masters of Social Work program….

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Maternal Mental Health Month, Week, and Day!

World Maternal Mental Health Day Wednesday, May 2, 2018 International Maternal Mental Health Week Monday April 30 – Sunday May 6 Helping Mothers, Fathers, and Babies! In many countries, as many as 1 in 5 new mothers experience some type of perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMD). These illnesses frequently go unnoticed and untreated, often with…

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Freeing Myself

Freeing Myself from My Negative Perceptions in the Postpartum By MJ Golias for the PSI Blog April 6, 2018 I don’t “just let go” of anything; I analyze, then analyze some more. Many, including my husband, say that the “why” doesn’t matter, or the “how.” They remind me that the “now” is what I should…

Climb 2018

Join Us! Climb Out of the Darkness 2018 The Climb Out of the Darkness 2018 is beginning! This is the sixth year that survivors will share their personal experiences with perinatal mental illness. Some of us have been sharing our stories for years, and some will speak their truth perhaps for the very first time….

OCD: Harm Was My Obsession, Not My Reality

by Chelsea Elker for the PSI Blog March 6, 2018 Last month our country was once again reminded of the pain one person’s actions can have upon countless innocent lives. The shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida is not only heartbreaking for those students involved and their families, it is also a…

A Therapist’s Tool We Can All Use

A Therapist’s Tool We Can All Use by Lisa Edwards for the PSI Blog February 27, 2018 My children wake up early. Very early. The only time we ever use an alarm clock is if we are traveling and have to get up for a flight. Needless to say, I tend to complain about this….

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Undertrained and Far Too Common: An Alarming Reality

by April Gabriel-Ferretti, MS, MFT For the Postpartum Support International Blog February 20, 2018 By now you’ve likely heard the story of Jessica Porten, a new mom from Sacramento, California who was devastated to learn that, after sharing her concerns with a nurse practitioner at her OB’s office, the police had been called. Jessica had,…

Post-School Shooting Self-Care–How to Cope with Spiking Parental Anxiety

by Suma Karandikar for PSI Blog February 16, 2018 From the day you bring children into the world, you would probably agree that one of your greatest responsibilities is to keep them out of harm’s way. Almost instinctively, you make sure your child’s shoes are tied so she won’t trip, grab the lollipop that fell…

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