Postpartum Anxiety Meditation

Postpartum Meditation to Decrease Anxiety
By Robin Muskal

May 15, 2017
for the PSI Blog

image of woman in yoga pose not pregnantHere is a guided meditation that will help you decrease your feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.  This meditation is not a substitute for medical intervention. It can be used as a support in conjunction with any outside help you may be receiving, professional or otherwise. The posture explained below is safe during pregnancy. However, if you feel any strain or discomfort please avoid the pose. Also, if you are having any pregnancy complications get clearance from your medical specialist.

To begin, please find a chair about the height of a folding chair and sit down cross legged on the floor in front of it. You may want to place blankets on the floor to sit on. This will elevate your hips and may be more comfortable, especially during pregnancy. Cross your arms so that each hand is holding the elbow of the opposite arm and place your arms in that position on the chair seat in front of you. Now place your head on your arms. In order to reach your head towards the chair, you may have to bend slightly from the hips.

Breathe normally in and out. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Use your mind to follow your breath in and out. This position may help to calm the mind down.

Begin to relax your jaw and throat. Continue to follow your breath in and follow your breath out. Allow your breath to reach all the way to the side and back of your body. Imagine your breath moving in through your nose, traveling to your lungs, and around the sides of your body. Be aware of the slight movement of the back body as you inhale and exhale.

Let your thoughts go and return to the breath. See if you can continue to give yourself permission to let your thoughts go. Imagine your thoughts as a balloon and release the string of the balloon into the air. Let go of thoughts, concerns, anticipation, and worry. Simply return to the breath.

Picture yourself in your mind’s eye going through your day in a state of calm, and being gentle with yourself. See yourself managing your baby, your chores, and your free time with more ease and trust.

Notice how taking the time to get centered first thing in the morning can improve the level of anxiety and the overwhelm that you may feel during the day.

Picture yourself in your mind creating a daily schedule but being flexible with your schedule. Break the day up into segments that are manageable for you. Notice yourself feeling less critical or judgmental towards yourself.

This anxiety is your struggle for right now, but it is important to become an active participant in your healing. This state of anxiety will not last forever; it will pass, and you are not alone.

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About Robin

Robin Muskal, PhD - Membership Chair at PSI

Robin Muskal has a Doctorate in clinical psychology and is a Board certified wellness coach. She has trained and worked as a psychotherapist, body worker and energy practitioner for 20 years. Robin has recently completed a 200 hour Iyengar yoga training which she incorporates in her work with clients. In her perinatal coaching practice, she and her clients work together to create a practical plan for healing and wellness. Robin works adjunctively with primary care physicians to provide the most comprehensive treatment.