Perinatal (Pregnancy and Postpartum) OCD support for Parents

For Parents: 1st & 3rd Friday @ 2pm EST

For Moms: Every Tuesday @ 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT

Our perinatal (pregnancy & postpartum) OCD group for parents is here to help those dealing with symptoms of OCD; like intrusive thoughts, obsessions and compulsions. Our online groups are here to help you connect with other parents, talk about your experience, and learn about helpful tools and resources. You do not have to have an official diagnosis to attend the group.

Held in partnership with the International OCD Foundation, these groups are led by PSI-trained support group leaders who have lived experience. They understand the emotional challenges of pregnancy and postpartum as a parent with OCD. You are not alone. We are here to help.

PSI Support Groups

All of our groups are FREE and virtual. When registering for Sharewell for the first time skip the unlimited offer on the payment page.

What to Expect

Our groups are 90 minutes (1.5 hours) in length. The first ~30 minutes is providing information, education, and establishing group guidelines. The next ~60 minutes is “talk time,” in which group members share and talk with each other. Group members must be present for the group guidelines before joining in the discussion or “talk time.”

Student and clinical observations are not allowed in our group spaces due to confidentiality and creating a safe space

Registration Information

PSI Support Groups are hosted on ShareWell.  Support Groups are split between different “wells.” Click on the registration link above to go to the Well, which includes support groups in each category.

When signing up for groups and making an account:

  • Skip the unlimited offer on the payment page (all of our groups are free!)
  • Access PSI support groups in each dedicated community
  • Reach out to if you have any questions

In this new platform, we will no longer have a waitlist function. **We will allow up to 16 group members to enter the group, so please arrive on time to get a spot. Once we reach 16 members OR we have started talk time, the group space will be closed.**

Program Manager, Megan Roberts