Support for Parents of High Needs Babies

4th Tuesday of the Month 12:30PM EST/ 9:30AM PST

Led by trained peer facilitators, this group is for parents of “high need” newborns to 12-month-old babies. All babies have needs and depend on their caregivers, yet some babies have more needs than others. “High needs baby” is not a medical term or diagnosis, but it is a term used to describe babies with some of these characteristics: constant crying (for several hours in a row), difficult to soothe, and easily overstimulated. A highly sensitive or high-needs baby might not sleep without being held, might cry for three hours every evening, or might get restless and frustrated when transitioning from one environment to another. We know that parents of “colicky” or high-needs babies can feel isolated, exhausted, and overwhelmed. You are not alone, and we are here to help.  Crying babies are welcome too!

If you are looking for a group for parenting a medically fragile baby or child, please check out our group specifically for those parents.

PSI Support Groups

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What to Expect

Our groups are 90 minutes (1.5 hours) in length. The first ~30 minutes is providing information, education, and establishing group guidelines. The next ~60 minutes is “talk time,” in which group members share and talk with each other. Group members must be present for the group guidelines before joining in the discussion or “talk time.”

Student and clinical observations are not allowed in our group spaces due to confidentiality and creating a safe space

Registration Information

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In this new platform, we will no longer have a waitlist function. **We will allow up to 16 group members to enter the group, so please arrive on time to get a spot. Once we reach 16 members OR we have started talk time, the group space will be closed.**

Program Manager, Megan Roberts