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What is a PSI International Coordinator?

The PSI Coordinators represent PSI in their communities. They give support and information related to mental health during pregnancy and postpartum to people who call or email PSI from their countries.

What is the main role of a PSI International Coordinator?

The Volunteer’s task is to offer women and their families social support, information, and resources to help them through their recovery from perinatal mood disorders and distress. It is not to offer medical advice, assessment, or evaluation. Coordinators offer community resources and reassurance, but don’t make clinical recommendations or assessments. PSI Coordinators do not recommend one provider to families, but share the names of practitioners available so that the family can choose whom to see.

Does PSI require the Coordinators to provide a certain model of support?
  • PSI Coordinators operate with different models depending on the time, resources and talents they have available in their communities.
  • The minimal expectation is that the Coordinator provides reassuring, non-judgmental and reliable information about recovery to moms and their families.
  • We also encourage you to build the connections and network in your area. Some Coordinators are able to offer support groups or classes, others offer phone or email support.

Do you need specific training to be a Coordinator?

Please check with the PSI International Coordinator Program Manager, at  to learn what educational opportunities are available. PSI Coordinators come from a wide range of backgrounds. Volunteers should attend any training in perinatal mood disorders they can, both for networking and for continuing to learn about perinatal mood disorders and recovery. Coordinators need to have a solid understanding of perinatal mood disorders and recovery, but are certainly not required to have any specific clinical expertise or career. Some Coordinators also do have professional jobs in the healthcare field. But in that case, it is important that the Coordinator explicitly states that she is acting in a support role as a volunteer — not as a clinician — while offering support to families.

How does PSI support the Coordinators?
  • The PSI International Coordinator Program Manager is a liaison between Volunteers and the PSI Office and Board of Directors. You can call or email the International Coordinator Program Manager for emotional or technical support, debriefing, information, or questions.
  • PSI provides materials and suggestions for education, networking, developing groups, and other technical assistance and guidance.
  • PSI Volunteers help each other by providing emotional support, practical information, and by sharing materials.
  • PSI does not provide monetary support or financial sponsorship to volunteers.

What are the rules of conduct for PSI Volunteers?
  • The Volunteer must keep confidential any identifying information regarding the families that Coordinator us. You must not share with others any names, occupations, or locations that might identify your Coordinator, unless you get specific permission for the sake of advocacy that the Coordinator has requested.
  • The Volunteer must do his or her best to provide a professional, non-judgmental, and informed service to those who make Coordinator and to the larger community. Respond to people who email or call you in a timely fashion, even if you don’t have resources for them. If you need time to research resources for them, make contact first and let them know you are working on it. You can let them know that you are checking with others, but offer social/emotional support in the meantime.
  • If Volunteers feel unsure of their ability to perform their tasks in a professional and timely manner, it is imperative that they contact the PSI International Coordinator Program Manager to make use of the needed support.

What are the steps to becoming a PSI Volunteer?

International Volunteer Application

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International Volunteer Application (En Español)

PSI thanks all Volunteers for their invaluable service, dedication, and heart. The organization would not exist without you.