Local PSI Volunteer

Local Volunteers are direct contacts and representatives of PSI in their communities. They are active volunteers who provide social support, information, reassurance, and resources to those who reach out for help related to mental health in pregnancy and postpartum. Local Volunteers also build connections and support networks with area providers and educators.

Coordinators are supported and reminded to volunteer at a pace that is healthy and balanced in their own lives. PSI deeply appreciates each of its coordinators, all of their efforts, and their passion to make a difference in the lives of mothers and families worldwide.

Interested in volunteering?  We welcome you to fill out this application or email Melissa Bentley if you are interested in volunteering. Local Volunteers do not have to reside in their coverage area.

Local Coordinators

We welcome volunteers from all over the US and Canada! 

Areas of highest need: California (Bay Area), Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Texas (Dallas/FW Areas, El Paso, RGV), Wisconsin, and the central and northern Canadian Provinces.
Please do not hesitate to apply, if you are not in one of these areas!

Languages: Mandarin, French, Haitian Creole, Japanese and more.

Specialized Coordinators

Advanced Maternal Age
Deaf/Hard of Hearing Parents
Postpartum Psychosis
Substance Use/Misuse

If you have experience or knowledge of another specialized area and would like to offer support, reach out to Melissa Bentley at coordinators@postpartum.net!

Ready to Volunteer?