Perinatal Mental Health Alliance Provider Blog – September

Reginald Day

Meet Reginald Day, a man who wears many hats. He’s a Certified Lactation Consultant, creator of the Get At Me Dad podcast, Fatherhood Expert, Southeast Michigan IBCLCs of Color, Nature’s Playhouse Fatherhood support group co-facilitator, associate Pastor, and Community Health Worker. 

Being a black male Certified Lactation Consultant seems to always cause people to say, “You’re a what?”, lol. But I love that because it gives me an opportunity to talk about my why. 

Both of Reginald’s children were breastfed and he served as a co-facilitator of a community-based birth and breastfeeding support group called “Meet, Nurse, Love” by mentoring fathers supporting their birthing and breastfeeding partners. 

Reginald has made it his mission to change the narrative of how fatherhood in BIPOC communities is viewed, as he believes great communities start with strong families. 

To recharge he loves being with family and friends. Whether traveling, going on adventure, hanging out in our backyard, or something in between. Reginald also enjoys just sitting and observing nature. It’s his quiet time with God and allows me to hear more deeply to effectively serve my family and community.

If you’re interested in connecting with Reginald you can follow him on Instagram @getatmedad or listen to his podcast on Apple, Amazon, Google, and Spotify. 

Tyleshia Jennings

In our community we hear, “it takes a village” all the time; however, I’ve learned from experience that when our village is hard to access, regardless of the reason it makes parenting hard. 

Meet Tyleshia Jennings, LMSW, LCSW-A, one of our amazing support group leaders who assists our help seekers build and foster connections within our Black Moms Connect support group. 

Tyleshia shares, it gets easy to question our parenting skills and experiences when you can only compare yourself to what’s seen on TV and social media. However, in this group, we have real-life black women juggling real-life relationships, parenting, and professions. These parents are sharing their experiences and building up the others just by sharing. I’ve seen the room shift in multiple groups. 

It’s amazing to see. 

I knew Black Moms Connect was a jewel because I wished I’d had access to it during my own pregnancy and postpartum periods. These groups provide so much information and support in such a small amount of time. Sometimes we just need to know we aren’t alone in our experiences. Whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned vet, this group provides that. 

Tyleshia we thank you for the work you do for our help seekers, Alliance community, and within your private practice. If you want to connect or learn more about Tyleshia you can visit her at the following: 


IG: @trendingjoy_pllc

FB: @trendingjoyct