Jessica Schultz
Jessica Schultz

Jessica Schultz, PMH-C

Peer Mentor Program Manager
Location: Eugene, Oregon

Jessica worked with families for over a decade as a licensed massage therapist, specializing in perinatal body work and a birth doula. She moved into the nonprofit sector after her own experience with perinatal & postpartum depression, anxiety and OCD following a traumatic birth experience with her second daughter and into the pregnancy of her son 2 years later. Her own experience turned her into an advocate for maternal mental health. She served as the Executive Director of WellMama, a community based maternal mental health nonprofit in Eugene, OR whose mission was to provide social support to families struggling with PMDs and education to the providers who serve them in Lane County. She believes parental mental and emotional health matter and all parents deserve support.

She received her B.A. in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Oregon and is working on her M.A. in Clinical Mental Health in Counseling from Bushnell University. She is currently Secretary of the PSI Oregon Chapter and is a PSI Support Coordinator for Lane County, Oregon. She has also been a Mentor in PSI Peer Mentor Program.