Lianne Swanson

Executive Administrator
Location: Portland, Oregon

Lianne Swanson is the PSI Executive Administrator (the frontline – magic glue in our office). Before Lianne came to work with PSI in 2010, she previously ran the advertising and circulation department for a small local newspaper for 15 years. Lianne is a family advocate, motivated by her experience helping a family member who was experiencing postpartum psychosis.

“A gaping hole was left in my heart after our experience, and I started asking questions and seeking out as much help and knowledge as possible to understand what we had gone through. I found Wendy Davis, founder of Baby Blues Connection (BBC) in Oregon, and began volunteering and serving on the board of BBC. Fast forward — each and every day, and every year I work with PSI, that hole in my heart is filled, watching moms and families get the help they need. If only I had known – If only I had found an organization like PSI, we could have avoided so many painful days and years of suffering.”