Lilian Gunawan

Volunteer Services Support

Lilian joined PSI as a volunteer on the Helpline in 2019 and more recently as a part-time staff member in January 2021. She came across PSI in her research on maternal mental health legislation when she went back to school to get a degree in clinical behavioral health. Having suffered from perinatal depression and anxiety herself, she was inspired by the work that PSI does in the field of maternal mental health and found her passion in supporting new parents who are struggling during this delicate time. In her life before kids, Lilian worked in poverty alleviation and rehabilitation projects in rural Southeast Asia where she was able to combine her passion for social justice with love of travel, nature, and learning about new cultures.

At PSI, Lilian works in Volunteer Services for the Support Coordinator Program and the Peer Mentor Program. She is a licensed social worker in Maryland and continues to enjoy volunteering on the Helpline. With her husband and two daughters she lives in the suburbs of DC.